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     Whether beneath Antarctic icebergs, or deep into the veins of underwater caves, Jill’s expeditions have advanced our understanding of the fascinating world beneath our feet. An acclaimed photographer, filmmaker and author, Jill enthusiastically shares her passion for discovery with the world. In recognition of her lifetime achievements, she was appointed as the inaugural Explorer in Residence for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. A pioneer in the field of technical re-breather and cave diving, she is a motivational speaker and prolific author of many books on technical diving. Jill is a veteran of over twenty years of scientific diving, filming/photography and exploration on projects with National Geographic, NOAA, various educational institutions, and television networks worldwide.

      More than anything else, Jill considers herself an exploration educator, and is a frequent online guest educator, leveraging technology like Google Hangouts to inspire classrooms full of eager young people from Anchorage, Alaska, to Mumbai, India. Jill is a contributing editor and video columnist for DIVER magazine, and volunteers as a consultant in the development of technical, cave and re-breather diving programs for the training agencies PADI, IANTD and RAID.

      A prolific blogger and creator of social media, Jill created a website, to be a treasure trove of knowledge and resources about diving and exploration. Over a million people have learned about climate change, water, adventure, and exploration by viewing Jill’s passionate TED Talk.


     Your Bluetooth Sound Art™ canvas uses the company's own cutting-edge ONSIA® flat panel speaker resulting in an almost flat profile. Bluetooth Sound Art™ features a slim profile making it indistinguishable from a canvas or museum wrap art piece.

     Get rid of those bulky and unsightly speakers, hang your beautiful Bluetooth Sound Art™ on your wall to complement, accent and fill your living space with rich warm sound.

No wires, no mess... no stress!

1" Thick Specs

  • 5v Sound Art™ Model
  • Standby Time 30-45 days
  • Battery Life 10-12 hours (Standard Usage)
  • Audio Output Power: 2.8 watts RMS (5.6 watts peak)

1 3/4" Thick Specs

  • 12v Sound Art™ Model
  • Standby Time 45-60 days
  • Battery Life 7-10 days (Standard Usage)
  • Audio Output Power: 10 watts RMS (20 watts peak)

     ONSIA® Bluetooth Sound Art™ is rechargeable and has a Standby time of 30 days. This means you can leave your Bluetooth Sound Art™ ON all the time allowing you to play music whenever you want. Just pair your Bluetooth device and play your favorite music. ONSIA® Bluetooth Sound Art® Wireless Speakers will automatically go into a power saving mode when the music stops or is paused allowing it to remain on standby for up to 30 days.