Above and Below

Above and Below

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     Maurine Shimlock, a 2012 inductee into the Women’s Diving Hall of Fame, is a marine life photojournalist who specializes in discovering and reporting on remote dive destinations. Since 1992 Maurine, along with her husband Burt Jones, has explored the Indonesian archipelago and recorded images of its spectacular reefs. Their photography has been featured on the covers of more than a dozen of the world’s most prestigious publications, including GEO, BBC Wildlife, Smithsonian, and Natural History. Secret Sea, the first large format collection of their photography, won several publishing awards including the Benny Award for best photography book, and their guidebooks Diving Indonesia’s Raja Ampat and Diving Indonesia’s Bird’s Head Seascape were best sellers. In 2015 Chrysiptera maurineae, a new species of damselfish, honored her work in Indonesia. Committed to marine conservation, Maurine uses the art of photography to preserve life in the sea.


     Your Bluetooth Sound Art™ canvas uses the company's own cutting-edge ONSIA® flat panel speaker resulting in an almost flat profile. Bluetooth Sound Art™ features a slim profile making it indistinguishable from a canvas or museum wrap art piece.

     Get rid of those bulky and unsightly speakers, hang your beautiful Bluetooth Sound Art™ on your wall to complement, accent and fill your living space with rich warm sound.

No wires, no mess... no stress!

1" Thick Specs

  • 5v Sound Art™ Model
  • Standby Time 30-45 days
  • Battery Life 10-12 hours (Standard Usage)
  • Audio Output Power: 2.8 watts RMS (5.6 watts peak)

1 3/4" Thick Specs

  • 12v Sound Art™ Model
  • Standby Time 45-60 days
  • Battery Life 7-10 days (Standard Usage)
  • Audio Output Power: 10 watts RMS (20 watts peak)

     ONSIA® Bluetooth Sound Art™ is rechargeable and has a Standby time of 30 days. This means you can leave your Bluetooth Sound Art™ ON all the time allowing you to play music whenever you want. Just pair your Bluetooth device and play your favorite music. ONSIA® Bluetooth Sound Art® Wireless Speakers will automatically go into a power saving mode when the music stops or is paused allowing it to remain on standby for up to 30 days.