About us

Sound Art is the only high quality speaker product that incorporates state of the art sound technology with custom artwork or personal pictures allowing any space imaginable to be filled with your own music on a high quality canvas. The speaker is powered by Onsia’s unique speaker system, focusing on the broad expansion of the music, allowing the sound to fill up a room.  Sound Art is offered through our Starter Line and then allows you to upgrade to our Signature line.

Sound Art has revolutionized the way you listen to music in your home, office or anywhere you enjoy it by incorporating your art, your wall and your music. The hardest part of your customers purchase will be picking which size and which photograph or art piece.

Your customers can now eliminate the clutter of cables and large speaker system by seamlessly integrating Sound Art.

Onsia, is updating sound for the 21st century with it’s Sound Art product. Nearly all speakers today use the traditional “dynamic” approach invented by Rice and Kellogg in 1925. This method of amplifying sound uses moving coils and electromagnets to push air through a paper cone to produce sound waves.

Onsia’s founder, Steve Ventre, searched to find a replacement for traditional speakers. His efforts resulted in Onsia flat panel speakers, with a thin, almost flat, profile whose sound quality equals or exceeds that of traditional speakers. But the story doesn’t stop there. With the addition of experts in the field of art, framing and Bluetooth® technology, Sound Art was born. A unique blend of your art, on your wall with your sound.