Women Divers Hall of Fame

      Women Divers Hall of Fame       
Dedicated to Recognizing and Honoring the Contributions of Women Divers

       The Women Divers Hall of Fame (WDHOF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring and raising awareness of the contributions of outstanding women divers. WDHOF members are the pioneers, leaders, innovators and world record holders throughout the international diving community. These areas of diving and undersea endeavors include: the Arts, Science, Medicine, Exploration & Technology, Underwater Archaeology, Business, Media, Training & Education, Safety, Commercial & Military Diving, Free Diving, and Underwater Sports. There are currently 229 Members in the Women Divers Hall of Fame, hailing from 30 U.S. states and territories and 19 countries worldwide.

       WDHOF provides educational, mentorship, financial, and career opportunities to the diving community throughout the world. Each year, WDHOF awards scholarships and training grants that provide financial and educational support to individuals of all ages, particularly those who are preparing for professional careers that involve diving. Scholarships are offered in marine conservation, marine biology, underwater archaeology, education (marine or freshwater), dive instructor education, and dive medicine. Training grants provide funding for diving and related underwater training, including underwater photography.

       A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the SoundArt speakers produced from images contributed by WDHOF Members will be donated to the WDHOF Scholarship Program.


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