Sarah Roberson

Sarah Roberson

My art is an expression of the emotions you feel in life that guide you and teach you the greatest lessons about love, fear, heartbreak, and happiness. I learned to go into these feelings and explore the beauty of it. I found a way through my paintings to express just that. I hope through my art to reach out to those who can feel some comfort in my art and in my story and know that they too can find the beauty in negative experiences, thoughts and feelings.

When it all started...

It all started when I was on a journey of self-discovery. I had gone through some hard times, was working a job I hated and questioned who I really was. I felt like I was in despair, broke and loosing hope. But something kept telling me I had a purpose. So I chose solitude as a means of getting to know myself better and was set on a quest of self-love. What I soon realized was that I hadn't been listening to what I truly wanted for myself, and my true passions. The ones that make you happy and feel full. That's when I took up Photography. Living in California I was in an ideal place for beautiful sunsets and self-reflection. The ocean gave me a feeling of joy and comfort. Taking photos really let me express through my images what I truly loved, was inspired by and also relieved the pain I was succumbing to. It became a release not only from pain, but a release of the fears that kept me stuck and not truly living the life I wanted. Creativity was the main component to becoming who I really was.

And then the paintings came...

  About a year after that I found a children's painting class for my son and I. I had just sprained my ankle and my landscape photography had to take a back seat. I remember the feeling of calmness I felt as soon as I smelled the paint. It was the first time I painted on canvas and I haven't stopped since. It took me awhile of exploring different painting techniques and mediums to find the one I really loved and felt a connection to. I dove straight in to every art festival, art gallery, art museum, art group, and art article I could get my hands on. I turned my apartment into my studio and away I went. Healing every step of the way. Fluid painting was messy, sloppy and beautiful... just like life. Pouring a liquefied acrylic paint with different consistencies layered one right on top of each other, then taking the canvas and tilting it from left to right, up and down creating an affect that can only be described as a reflection of my soul. Everything I feel I pour on to my canvas, every bit of pain, every bit of joy, every tear, every heartbreak and every beautiful adventure. And the end result no matter what Just like life.

So what inspires me...

My main inspiration besides my inner feelings and the contrast life brings is that I reside in California and have lived here almost all my life. I first grew up outside of Yosemite and then when I was almost 7 we moved to Riverside County and went to the beach nearly every weekend. I moved to the San Diego area and have lived here almost 13 years. Nature inspires me every day and I’m so fortunate to have always lived in such beautiful places. The colors, the flow of a river, the sound of the waves, and the smell of a bonfire has always given me a feeling of great joy and I think I put that into my work.

I hope my art brings peace to all those that view it and encourages you to make your pain into something beautiful.

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