Art Never Sounded So Good™ Bluetooth® Speaker Concealed With Giclee Print


SOUND and Art Intergrated 

No Wires, No Mess, No Stress

Art Never Sounded So Good™

High Quality Canvas Prints

Visual clarity and detail. You'll see richer, deeper blacks, more vibrant colors and better shadow detail with every print.

Easy to Pair...

Bluetooth® connectivity with any mobile device!

That Kind of Image That You'll Want to Look at Forever...

That kind of music that would want to listen for hours...


I recently purchased 2 Sound Art custom wall speakers. I am quite pleased with the results.I have received a great deal of interest in your product and I have passed on your website to many friends and coworkers.  I will continue to spread the word as I think this is a unique product. 

jason Stern

My Niece in Scotland absolutely loved her Sound Art! The quality of the print, as well as the sound are unbelievable!

Lilian Scotblinds

Thank you both so much! She finally got back to Nashville yesterday & got it.  She cried 6 times or more she said, she loves it so much!  
I can't wait to get one here at my place, I alway play music when I do photoshoots in the house & studio, helps get people loose..  They are going to say, "where's the music coming from?!"

Michael King

Hi Gabriela, We received our Sound Art and it is fantastic! We hope you all had a wonderful new year. 

Liz and Bert McCasland

Thanks so much for your prompt reply!!  I have it working and love it. Looking forward to hanging it and showing it off!!

Thomas Dammrich

So far I have bought 3 speakers from these guys (one for myself, and 2 as gifts), and I have been very pleased with the product and the service. The speakers can fill the fill the room for sure. The 12 V  speakers last for ever that we just leave it on and connect to it when we want. I definately will be buying more of these for family and friends and for myself if I get an office at work.

Hannah, K

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